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Welcome Western Slope Patients! 


New Treatments! 

Ready to take your movement to the next level? With the addition of these new services we can aim to achieve pain free movement through assessment and active recovery. Let's work together to prevent injuries before they occur!


July & August Mostability Course


Normatec Recovery Pants

A four-week course dedicated to keeping you active, avoiding injury, and aging strong. Mostability integrates mobility (joint and muscle coordination) and stability (balance and strength), so you can maintain or unlock the foundational movements of life: squatting, reaching, lunging, bending, kneeling, balancing.


Extended Appointments

With longer appointments we will be able to dive deeper into treatment goals, to get you feeling better, faster. 

Boost recovery, reduces muscle soreness, increase circulation, promotes a parasympathetic recovery state.  Add a session before or after your chiropractic appointment!

We like to use these after a hard workout or after sitting for long periods of time (e.g., at your desk, driving, flying).


Coming Soon!

Over the next few months, the Praxis will offer:​

  • Stretch programs

  • Low back rehab classe

Image by Holly Mandarich

Latest News!

Recovery Thanks

For the month of July, every established patient who schedules a service with The Praxis or refers a new patient to The Praxis will receive a free 10 minute Normatec Session!

Use Code: RECOVERY at checkout

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